The View

The View is an Irish television programme broadcast on RTu00c9 One between 1999 and 2011. Presented by John Kelly, it centred on arts-related topics. It was initially known as Later On 2 and was presented by various presenters until John Kelly joined RTu00c9 from Today FM, Later On 2 was broadcast on first Network 2 in 1997, it later rebranded as The View, it remained in the same broadcast slot but on RTu00c9 One until 13 December, 2011. The View featured reviews of books, exhibitions, films, music, theatre and art. There was a varied panel of contributors who offer their opinions including artists, writers, journalists, film-makers and critics. The programme was broadcast each Tuesday night. The series producer was Angela Ryan and it was directed by Declan Byrne.The show´s theme track was ´Rodney Yates´ by Belfast musician David Holmes.




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January 1st, 1970

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