The Rev

Show Overview

In this hilarious, melodic and inspirational new series, thereu00b4s never a dull moment in the world of larger-than-life Pastor Richard Hartley. When he isnu00b4t preaching and inspiring his congregation at his Long Island, NY church, heu00b4s dealing with his rambunctious and loving family... all while utilizing his musical skills to make the churchu00b4s choir top notch. Having spent years travelling the globe working with incredible choirs and A-list musicians, Richard is now focused on his hometown choir and, with the help of his wife Stacey, trying to get his millennial children, Judea and Jordan, out of the house so that they can build their own dreams.

The Rev Cast/Crew:

Jordan Hartley, Judea Hartley, Stacey Hartley, Richard Hartley,




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