The Rain

The Rain Overview

The Rain is a Danish post-apocalyptic series that follows Danish siblings Samone and Rasmus years after a virus that was transmitted through the rain eradicated the majority of the population in Scandinavia. When Simone and Rasmus emerge from the bunker, they are in search of their father who was a scientist that got them to safety and never returned. The siblings find themselves at odds about how to find their father and save humanity. They find a group of other young survivors, and they travel together across the bleak countryside in search of a safe place and other survivors. Samone and Rasmus long to find their father in hopes of being able to find some answers and hopefully a cure. The group quickly realizes that there are dangers and societal rules around greed, jealousy, and power that still exist even when society has appeared to collapse. The amazing storyline catches the viewers’ attention and accumulated a score of 42% in Coviewing Rate as well as an attention score of 180 based on the TVision Attention Index.


Miso Film




Jannik Tai Mosholt,Christian Potalivo,Esben Toft Jacobsen



Release Date:

May 4th, 2018

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