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The Final Table is a popular American reality cooking competition show that is hosted by food critic Andrew Knowlton and streams on Netflix. The series begins with twelve teams of two professional chefs from around the world. Each episode features a specific country, and the teams compete to create the most exquisite dishes that are native to that country. The first round is judged by a food critic and two culturally prominent citizens. Round 2 is the "Final Plate Challenge" where an acclaimed chef that has a seat at the Final Table gives an ingredient that represents their featured countries culinary cuisine. The final table then judges each teams' dish eliminating one or two teams at the end of the episode. The season finale brings each of the chefs featured on the previous episodes to a seat at the Final Table, along with the dishes that made them famous. The final two teams will now compete as individuals to create a dish that defines them as a chef. Season one was released on November 20, 2018.


Andrew Knowlton





Release Date:

November 20th, 2018

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