Shockwave is an American documentary television series that premiered on November 30, 2007, on History. The program compiles video footage and eyewitness accounts to the headline making events and attempts to educate the viewer as to what really happened in a particular event.The show depicts the United Airlines Flight 232 crash, USS Forrestal fire, the Killdozer, the Mount Hood hiking incident, the deadly Ramstein airshow disaster, and the PEPCON disaster.The toolbox of resources which the show employs to perform this task include the following items:u2055Video footageu2055Photographsu20553-D renderings of the eventu2055Eyewitness accountsu2055Participant accountsEach episode has typically three to six stories. For each, people who witnessed the event or who were involved in the event are interviewed, video footage and photos of the event are shown, and 3-D renderings of the event are shown.





Release Date:

November 30th, 2007

Time Period

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