Last Chance U (Season 5)

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Last Chance U is an intense look inside the world of junior college football, chronicling the stories of players and coaches in the classroom and on the field. The NFL is the ultimate goal, but first, athletes have to prove themselves at the college level. This is the story of a group of students that lost their opportunities to play in a division 1 college because of drugs, grades, or bad behavior. They end up in the Junior College ranks (JUCO) where they are trying to earn their reputations back. They are at small colleges like East Mississippi Community College., The first two seasons focus on all aspects of the football program at East Mississippi Community College, one of the most successful JUCO programs in the country. Major themes include the academic struggles of the players - some of whom have come from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. For the next season, we go to independence, Kansas, and Laney College in Oakland. The defending has champions start a new season with their great coach John Beam and a new group of players. This show is a docu-series full of stories of young people overcoming family problems and improving themselves on and off the field, all with the aim of making it to the NFL. Over the last few seasons, we have seen players go to the Patriots, Jaguars, and buccaneers. , We’ve also watched as players have been forced to abandon the dream of making it to the NFL. Will Coach Beam help some of his kids get a second chance to set their path to the NFL? Scoring a 176.5 on TVision’s Attention Index and 54% Co-Viewing, Last Chance U has become a favorite one for sports lovers.


Condé Nast Entertainment, Endgame Entertainment, One Potato Productions, Boardwalk Pictures




Greg Whiteley


Release Date

July 28, 2020

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