In the Dark

In the Dark Overview

In the Dark is an American Crime Drama television series that follows Murphy, an aggrieved 20 something that lost her sight when she was a teen. Murphy has a colorful dating life and spends most of her nights out drinking and partying at a local bar. Murphy only has two friends, her roommate that works as a vet at the training school and a drug dealer named Tyson. Murphy befriended Tyson after he saved her from a mugging. When she is out for a walk with her guide dog, she comes across a dead body that she fears can only be Tyson's. The body goes missing before the police arrive, despite her pleas the officers do not seem interested in investigating the case. Murphy takes matters into her own hands to find out what really happened to her friend and begins to investigate the crime herself. In the Dark brings in an attention score of 205.8 based on the TVision Attention Index, it also has a 57% Coviewing rate.


BBC Drama Productions, BBC Studios




Andrew Cull



Release Date:

April 16th, 2007

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