Dead to Me

Dead to Me Overview

Dead to Me is a dark American comedy that is streaming on Netflix, it follows a friendship between two women that are both plagued by heartache. Jen, played by Christina Applegate, is a cynical widow that is determined to figure out who was behind her husband's hit-and-run murder. While Judy, played by Linda Cardellini, is a free-spirited optimist that has also suffered her own tragic loss when her fiancé suddenly died of a heart attack. The pair become unlikely friends when they meet at a grief and loss support group. Their friendship is put to the ultimate test once it is revealed that Judy was the one behind the wheel of the hit-and-run accident and that her fiancé did not die but in fact broke off their engagement. The second season of this dark comedy series continues with many exciting twists and turns and has an score of 168.2 based on TVision's Attention Index and a 43% Co-viewing Rate.


Gloria Sanchez Productions, CBS Television Studios




Liz Feldman



Release Date:

May 3rd, 2019

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