Cash Cab

Cash Cab is an Australian music trivia game show hosted by James Kerley, except for the third season, where he was replaced by Charlie Pickering. The first two seasons of the series were filmed in Melbourne, with the third being based in Perth and the fourth being currently based in the Gold Coast. The program airs on the Australian subscription television music channel, Channel [V].Contestants are asked several trivia questions in various verbal, audio and video based questions for the duration of their trip. After being asked 5 questions, players are asked to choose The Loot or the Boot. Contestants have the opportunity to keep ´the loot´ they have won so far, or trade it all, depending on how many questions they answered correctly, for what is ´in the boot´. Boot prizes may be worth substantially more or substantially less than their current winnings. By choosing ´the boot,´ the contestant´s winnings are reset to $0 and the prize is theirs to keep, even if they use up their three strikes. On rare occasions, the host may give an opportunity to the contestant to win some of their money back by doing a 30-second dare relating to their substantially less valuable ´boot´ prize. Contestants are entitled to 2 ´Shout Outs´, one 30 second phone call to a friend on the phone or to ask someone random off the street that they are travelling on. When contestants reach their destination, they are asked if they want to ´Double or Nothing´ in which they can choose to walk away with what cash they have won, or to sit and watch a video clip and be asked an observation-based question. If they correctly answer, they walk away with double the winnings of the trip, but if they get it wrong, they walk away with nothing. A parody of this show appears on Balls of Steel Australia which is also hosted by Kerley.




James Kerley





Release Date:

January 1st, 1970

Time Period

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