America’s Got Talent (Season 15)

Show Overview

For 15 seasons now, talented singers and dancers, comedians, and novelty act, from all over the country put their talents on display, in competition.! In Season 15, Simon Cowell (Judge), Sofia Vergara (Judge), Heidi Klum (Judge), Howie Mandel (Judge), and Terry Crews (host) are amazed, shocked, have their breath taken, and are sometimes scared. The contestants from all over the country enter the competition for a chance to win a $1 million cash prize and the fame that can change their lives. But before the contestants can win the prize they have to win the judge’s approval.forThe first two rounds are known as “auditions'' and “judge cuts.” Each judge has a buzzer to use if they dislike a performer. If all three judges ``buzz” an act, the act is automatically eliminated. To survive the first stage, contestants must get a “yes” from at least two judges or get the coveted Golden Buzzer. The Golden Buzzer was added after several seasons of America’s Got Talent. Now, during an audition, a judge can automatically send a contestant on to the live shows even if the other judges disagree. The judges can only use their golden buzzer once per season. Additionally, the host of the show is able to use the Golden Buzzer as well, if they have an act they’d like to save. Sometimes an act is a fan favorite, and the audience compels a judge to use his Golden Buzzer. Beginning in the quarterfinals, shows are live and the contestants compete to win over the audience, as much as the judges. The season’s finale is when the finalists compete against each other for the most votes from the public and a seriously large cash prize. Final performances take several episodes and competitors are typically allowed more than one performance. The winning act receives a million-dollar prize and often gets to headline a concert as a result of winning. AGT is a family show that everybody can enjoy. The 15th season was loved by many families and often watched with others. It scored a 59% Co-Viewing Rate according to TVision’s data. Always different and exciting the show also captures Attention. Its score on the Attention Index for Season 15 was 111.2.

America’s Got Talent Cast/Crew:

Howie Mandel, Simon Cowell, Sofía Vergara, Terry Crews,




Ken Warwick

Release Date

May 26, 2020

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