90 Day Fiancé (Season 7)

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This TLC docuseries plays on the wonder of international dating. These couples find themselves in a unique situation where they have just 90-days to get married before their fiancé’s visa expires. Women and men travel to the U.S. to live with their overseas partners for the first time. The couples face many cultural and language barriers that they must hurdle, compiled with the added stressors of family drama, all while planning a wedding in just 90-days so they can begin their lifetime of happiness together. Couples have their emotional rollercoaster documented as they get to know each other better. Together they face the pressure of meeting each other’s family and friends for the first time, share their hopes and dreams for the future, and ultimately decide if they are ready to walk down the aisle. Viewers enjoy following along to see if the couples will get their "Happily Ever After" of if they will pack their partner's bags to return home. 90-day Fiancé scored an 82.4% on the TVision Attention Index and 52% on the Coviewing Rate.


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