What can you do with TVision data?

What does TVision measure?

  • TVision passively measures the actual in-home viewing behavior of individuals who have opted in to our panel. TVision does this on a second-by-second basis, with the full agreement of our panelists, but without any engagement by them.

How big is TVision’s panel?

  • TVision’s person-level panel is composed of 15,000 individuals (2+), in 5,000 households, in 20 top DMAs throughout the United States.

How does TVision measure viewership?

  • TVision’s person-level panel is composed of 15,000 individuals (2+), in 5,000 households, in 20 top DMAs throughout the United States.
    • ACR-- to determine that the primary set is on, and to determine what content-- down to the episode level, down to the advertising creative level-- is displayed on the screen.
    • App & Device Detection-- TVision detects when a given OTT or CTV device is active in the home, down to the manufacturer and model number level. For example, TVision can detect that a Roku device is active, and that Hulu is in use. With this data, TVision can therefore determine that a piece of content that is available on various sources is in fact being viewed via Hulu.
    • Computer Vision: TVision detects the presence of each member of the household when one or more is before the television set. Our technology identifies the specific individual, and detects whether the individual or individuals are facing the screen, with eyes open.

What are TVision’s metrics?

  • TVision’s foundational metrics are:
    • Presence in Room (Viewability): when the TV is on, and content is displayed on the screen, are one or more persons in the room, thus making that content viewable?
    • Attention: When the set is on, and individuals are in the room, are those individuals facing the screen with their eyes open?
  • Working from these essential conditions, TVision is able to derive the following additional measures, with high accuracy:
    • Co-Viewing: how many people are watching, together? Who are they? Do their behaviors differ when watching together as compared to when they watch alone?
    • Attention to Duration: this measures the attention paid to a given piece on content, correlated to the duration of that content. This measurement can be used to assess the relative effectiveness of ad units of differing length.
    • Attention to Visible: this measures the attention paid to content as it relates to the time an individual is present in the room.
    • Household Reach: This represents the proportion of households exposed at least once to the content over all households for the specified parameters.

Does TVision measure OTT viewership?

  • Yes. TVision measures the program content of all of the major SVOD and AVOD platforms. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Max, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, CBS All Access, Peacock, and more.
  • TVision additionally detects the activity of all major streaming devices, such as Roku, Amazon Fire, Chromecast, and Apple TV; game platforms, such as XBox and Playstation; and all connected TV brands, from Samsung, LG, and Vizio, to Sony, Hisense, TCL, and more.
  • TVision also detects when streaming apps are in use, from the apps mentioned above, to Pluto, Tubi, YouTube, and The Roku Channel, and many more.
  • In addition to TVision’s suite of Presence in Room, Eyes on Screen, and Co-Viewing metrics, TVision also provides additional measures pertinent to the streaming experience. These include Binge Rate, Season Completion Rate, and Re-Watch rate.

Does TVision measure advertising in OTT/CTV?

  • TVision will launch ad campaign measurement in OTT in the Fourth Quarter of 2020. This will be of use to standalone AVOD services; to broadly diversified network organizations with proprietary apps and AVOD offerings; and to the many advertisers who seek accurate measurement of their advertising across platforms.

What content sources does TVision measure?

  • TVision measures the activity of all SVOD, AVOD, dMVPD services, and proprietary network, entertainment, and news apps. TVision measures the viewership of all original content on the major SVOD and AVOD services, as well as a growing library of licensed content.
  • TVision measures new VOD launches on OTT.
  • Additionally, TVision measures both the content and advertising-- down to the episode level and the ad creative level-- of 130+ linear television networks in the United States.

What do clients see in the TVision Streaming Platform?

  • TVision’s clients can assess the most-viewed content in OTT, by month or by quarter, as well as the programs most binged, most co-viewed, or watched to season completion. Clients can adjust demographics and time span, as required.
  • The platform shares a comprehensive view of both the App landscape and the Device landscape, to understand how viewers are accessing the content they choose.
  • Clients can measure performance at the program level (how is Cobra Kai performing, as compared to The Umbrella Academy?), and at the publisher level (how does attention paid to Peacock, for example, compare to that paid to Apple TV+?).

Who are TVision’s clients?

  • TVision data is used by major networks and streaming services to understand viewer behavior, for detailed competitive intelligence, and to inform ad sales initiatives. Major brands, with their agencies, use TVision data to determine which networks and network families are the most effective for advertising investment. Production companies and branded integration agencies can understand the performance of streaming-only content, to better inform their business decisions. Brands have begun to incorporate TVision’s Presence in Room data and Eyes on Screen data into their ad-buying negotiations with networks. In addition, TVision works with complementary data providers to generate detailed audience targets for advanced advertising applications.

Is TVision’s technology attached to, or integrated into, certain TV brands or set-top boxes?

  • No-- TVision’s technology plugs into the wall and is connected to the home’s wifi. We are entirely independent of any manufacturer or data source-- as a result, TVision captures all viewing activity, regardless of source, including OTA.

Is TVision data matched to census data?

  • Yes, TVision data is matched to census data, to enable advanced audience targeting. TVision also performs daily RIM weighting to ensure that the in-tab sample reflects the US population.

Is there much churn in the TVision panel?

  • No-- once TVision’s technology-- which is typically self-installed-- is up and running in the home, members of panel homes simply go about their lives and their viewership. TVision’s device neither lights up, makes noise, nor moves, and requires no intervention or participation on the part of the panelists. TVision does not tell its panelists what to watch nor when to watch. This wholly passive data capture limits any form of “wearout” or any desire to cease participation.

How does TVision acquire and keep panelists?

  • TVision retains a national market-research firm to identify and recruit panelists in our DMAs, to ensure that the panel reflects the local population and the US population more generally. TVision provides a modest level of compensation for panel participation.

What data does TVision collect about its panelists?

  • When a panel home onboards, the members of the home provide detailed information about those who reside in the home-- age, gender, income, ethnicity, political affiliation, and more. Panelists are consciously providing this information to TVision; TVision periodically contacts panelists to keep this information up to date. TVision data is 100% privacy protected. We do not release any PII, at any time.

How do clients access TVision data?

  • TVision has developed always-on SaaS platforms that are specifically designed for media sellers, content providers, and for advertisers. TVision works closely with its clients to ensure full understanding of and facility with our platforms. TVision data is continually updated; TVision Customer Success works closely with our clients to help them generate the analyses and reports they need to program more effectively, and to sell or buy advertising more efficiently

Does TVision measure viewership of all sets in the home?

  • TVision measures viewership of the primary set-- or sets-- in the home. We are developing in-home technology to measure viewership on secondary sets, in bedrooms, etc

Does TVision measure multiple devices?

  • TVision measures primary-screen viewership, which accounts for the vast majority of in-home viewing.
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